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We can help you to set-up, enhance or review your governance framework. From Corporate Governance to Family Governance, we may assist in a variety of roles.



We look at operational risk. We can provide an independent view at your operational process in the form of a second opinion. We can also support your risk management team ad interim.



Companies face an increasing level of regulation. We can help with the implementation of new regulations or ad interim management support.

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Governance matters. Governance increasingly gets into the focus of investors and regulators to challange executive and non-executive directors.


Governance is key. Get it right, keep it right and regularly review it if it is properly designed and functioning. There are multiple aspects where we can support you:  whether you want to start from scratch and re-build your Governance framework, whether you have a need to fix known gaps and implement improvement actions, or you wish an independent review of your set-up in the form of an operational review or if you want to assign any role in your governance model to us. We understand roles and responsibilities and can support you on Corporate and Family Governance matters without any conflict of interest which you may see from other providers.

Green Rye Consulting

At Green Rye Consulting (GRC) we provide consulting for our clients.


Governance, Risk and Compliance is our focus.

How can I turn client requirements into a unique selling proposition?


"You may demonstrate to your clients why you are making the proposals which you have on offer."

Compliance departments need to act a lot more proactive than in the past to meet the expectations of their two most relevant stakeholders: regulators and management.


We understand that compliance departments are under significant pressure to implement new and more stringently enforce existing regulations, to meet increasing transparency expectations from regulators, the board and senior management, while raising the bar in terms of the quality of their assessments and approvals, including standarized processes and documentation, in a business environment where time to market and costs becomes even more critical.

We can help you with that.


Why is Governance key?


"If you ever wanted to know why Governance has become such a hot topic, then think about a popular saying: 'The fish stinks from the head down'."

Sven Ramspott, Director


We focus on operational risk.


Operational risk spans a varety of topics: from risk identification, risk assessment and quantification, to risk decision support and risk documentation. We can support you on all aspects of the underlying business process, the resulting operational risk and the required control framework to mange the risks.

Regulators are asking for more: more client documentation, more justification of decisions, more process and framework documentation and rationale.

We can help you to cope with the regulatory challenges and to turn regulatory requirements into business opportunities.

Is compliance facing a perfect storm?

"Yes,  companies face market pressure resulting in lower income and digitalization demands, while their compliance expenses rose significantly since 2008 to meet an ever expanding, highly dynamic and complex regulatory landscape."

Sven Ramspott, Director

Our Team

Expertise in the financial services industry

Sven Ramspott


Sven has more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. He graduated from University of St. Gallen (Switzerland) in Risk Management and Insurance and holds several professional designations.  Subsequently he worked many years in banking (a major Swiss banking group), insurance (a major Swiss insurance company) and consulting (a 'Big Four' company).

Sven founded Green Rye Consulting in late 2016 and acts as Director.

Sven Ramspott, Director

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Green Rye Consulting Co Ltd employs consultants at the associate level for client projects as needed.

We are supported by our COO and our Compliance/MLRO function.

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Green Rye Consulting Co Ltd is a company registered in the Bahamas and based in Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas.


Green Rye Consulting provides services in the Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) field.


Due to organizational restrictions, we may currently postpone onboarding of new clients.

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